TIG Torch Adapter - Dinse 35, External Water Line

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Powerweld TIG Torch Adapter for Water Cooled TIG Torches

The Powerweld Water-Cooled TIG torch adapters thread onto standard water cooled torch cables to produce a Dinse 35 (50mm) power connection and side water hose. 

  • Male power connection: Dinse 35 (50 mm) 
  • Internal Female Thread: 7/8"-14 Left Hand Thread
  • Water Hose: 7/8"-14 Left Hand Thread

    Compatibility Table

     Adapter Part Number Miller Equivalent / Compatible Machines Lincoln Equivalent / Compatible Machines ESAB Compatible Machines
    PWTA1820 (solid 50mm
    standard Dinse® w/ water
    side hose)
    Miller no. 195377 (DA-1820L)
    CST 250, CST 280, CST 300, CST 400; Dynasty 200
    SD, 200 DX, 210, 210 DX, 280, 280 DX, 300 Series, 350, 400 Series; Invision 350MPa, 352MPa, 354MP; Maxstar 200 Series, 210 Series, 280 Series, 300 Series, 350, 400; Syncrowave 250 (all models), 300, 350 (all models), 500; Aerowave; Pipeworx 350 Fieldpro (w/ Dinse)

    Lincoln no. K1622-4 

    Invertec 160-S, V200-I, V200-PRO, V250-S, V275-S, V300-I; Power MIG 210MP; Power Wave 355, 355M

    Aristo MIG 4004i Pulse, 5000i, U5000i; Caddy Arc 151i, 152i, 201i; Caddy TIG 1500i, 2200i, 2200i AC/DC; ET 141i AC/DC, ET 186i AC/DC, ET 201i DC, 220i AC/DC, 301i AC/DC; Fabricator 211i, 252i; Handy Tig 180; Heliarc 160i, 161 AC/DC, 252, 281i AC/DC, 352, 353i AC/DC; MTS-3500i; Rebel EMP/EMS 215ic, EMP/EMS 235ic; Renegade ES 300i; Warrior 400i MV CC/CV