Strong Hand Gas Grabber Cylinder Tool

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Strong Hand Tools Gas Grabber Cylinder Lifting Device

This handy, compact tool saves time and labor for efficient, clean welding of holes, joints, and seams in steel panels. Easy to use, even in tight, hard to reach spots. The thick copper pad dissipates heat and won’t stick to the weld. Get a precise, clean, higher quality flat weld with less panel distortion.

  • Two handles for safe, two-person team lifting.
  • 8-point cylinder contact and friction pads provide a positive, safe hold.
  • Scissor-action handles automatically engage for secure lifting.

Part No. For Cylinder Size (in.) Load Capacity (lb) Dimension Weight
8.5" - 9" diameter
270 lb 20 x 11 x 4" 0.4 LB