ReadyRest™ Adjustable Wrist Rest

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ReadyRest™ Adjustable Wrist Rest

Affordable, fully adjustable ReadyRest™ Wrist Rest. 

Solid steel construction for durability and optimal stability.

The wrist rest allows you to “carry” your MIG or TIG torch smoothly along the 11” travel length of the Stainless-Steel Rest Bar. Gain smooth control over your torch, and eliminate any sign of a shaky hand or varied travel speed. Paired with a welding positioner, this tool definitely elevates your weld quality and helps you lay it down perfectly - the first time!

The Rest Bar is height adjustable.

The sturdy, anti-tipping, magnetic base plate can be placed on any steel surface and level by adjusting the two
leveling bolts.

For space-saving storage, it allows for the removal of the Rest Bar from the adjustment column for vertical docking.

An important addition to any welding setup, especially in a semi-automated work station.

Steady your wrist for accurate welding and greater work quality with less fatigue.

Part No. ARW16