Sharpie Mandrel / Bearing Maintenance Kit

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Sharpie™ Mandrel / Bearing Maintenance Kit

Sharpie Mandrel and Bearing Kit.  For longer bearing life and durability, we improved our mandrel and bearing kits with a new 1/4" (6.4mm) Mandrel and Heavy-duty Bearing.  Each Kit comes with high-performance sealed bearing, precision machined stainless steel mandrel, hex wrench, retaining snap ring and shim gasket.

This new maintenance kit is compatible with all models and versions of the Sharpie (old & new, cordless & corded).


  • If your Sharpie's mandrel bearing needs to be replaced, we strongly suggest replacing the bearing with the bearing & mandrel kit
  • Frequently blow grinding dust out of the head area
  • When cutting electrodes, be sure to remove cut pieces of tungsten that may have fallen into the head assembly -- they can become lodged in the mandrel / wheel cavity and can cause the machine to seize up.

Part Number: A-PTG-005-K