TIG, Plasma Torch Coolant 70/30 Blend (1 gal.)

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Profax TIG, Plasma Torch Coolant 70/30 blend


ProFax RTU (ready to Use) Ethylene Glycol Formula Coolant for plasma and TIG torches.  70/30 blend resists freezing to +5ºF (-15ºC).

Profax coolants deliver year-round pump protection for water recirculators & closed loop cooling systems. Each product is engineered to reduce the need for water fill maintenance by reducing water evaporation.

  • Ready To Use 70/30 Blend
  • Safe for use on all brands of equipment
  • Ethylene Glycol formula resists freezing to +5ºF (-15ºC)
  • One gallon (3.78L) container
  • Manufactured in U.S.A. by Profax
  • Part No. 7-2850