Pferd Polifan CO-CURVE Flap Discs (Stainless Steel)
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Pferd Polifan CO-CURVE Flap Discs (Stainless Steel)

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Pferd Polifan Ceramic Oxide - CURVE Flap Discs 

POLIFAN® CO-CURVE is produced with a high quality ceramic oxide coated abrasive material that has also been ingrained with a cooling agent.  The result is a flap disc material which guarantees cool grinding on poor heat conducting materials, without thermal damage to the workpiece. The 60 grit abrasive leaves a finer surface finish, these discs are designed for all demanding grinding applications.

        • Fillet weld grinding, chamfering, deburring, contour grinding
        • Tough and aggressive – removes scale and bead from stainless steel (INOX) and steel.
        • Works faster than grinding wheels without the risk of undercutting the workpiece.
        • Precise grinding out of fillet welds provides a superior surface finish.
        • Smooth finish allows easy visual inspection for defects, such as porosity and inclusions.
        • Ideal for repair applications to remove defects without damage to adjacent areas. Leaves ample room for new weld bead.
        • Excellent tool life, including the radius edge of the disc.
        • Multi-purpose – may be used as a conventional flap disc, and also for underhand applications using the top of the disc.


        • Abrasive: Cermaic Oxide CO
        • Grit size: 60
        • Arbore Hole: 7/8 A.H.
        • Diameter Options: 4-1/2", 5"

        Available in two thicknesses:

        • Medium for fillet weld widths > 3/16”(5 mm)
        • Large for fillet weld widths > 5/16” (8 mm)
          WHAT ELSE?
          • Contamination Free - designed for working with stainless steel, guaranteed to have no contaminating fillers.
          • The best results are achieved on high-performance angle grinders.  Economy angle grinders do not have enough power to operate these discs and will result in the abrasive material getting clogged faster.