Optrel e3000 PAPR Blower Unit

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Optrel e3000 PAPR Blower Unit

This item has now been discontinued and replaced with the e3000x system


It is always a challenge to provide sufficient ventilation in fabrication environments.  Exhaust ventilation in the immediate vicinity of a work area can be ineffective, cumbersome to move around and may also run the risk of suctioning off valuable protective gases. 

If you want to be comprehensively protected from hazardous particles, personal protective breathing equipment is indispensable and the Optrel e3000 PAPR system leads the pack 

The e3000 PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) system features:

  • The highest class of protection (TH3) from airborne particles (smoke, aerosol, and dust).
  • Certified by NIOSH to its highest protection class of P100 (42 CFR 84)
  • Breathing air is filtered and becomes cleaner by a factor of up to 500.
  • Even air distribution in helmet.
  • Automatic air flow control.
  • The air flow from the air supply unit creates an additional cooling effect for added comfort throughout the day.
  • A lightweight helmet means less strain on the user throughout the day. 
  • CSA and OHS approved - OHS press release
  • Economical replacement filters and batteries that are always kept in stock by Canada Welding Supply 

The Optrel e3000 PAPR system means better working conditions for greater efficiency, comfort and performance.

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Kit Includes:

  • PAPR air blower unit (blue) - 4551.100
  • Air hose - 4551.020
  • Air hose protective sleeve - 4551.221
  • 10 hour Li-Ion Battery - 4551.211
  • 120V Battery Charger - 4551.210
  • Pre-filter - 4088.101
  • High efficiency TH3 particulate filter - 4088.200
  • Spark protector - 4088.202
  • Thermoplastic carrying case

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