Oetiker 2-Ear Ring Clamps

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Oetiker Zinc Plated 2-Ear Ring Clamps

Oetiker 2-Ear clamps have nearly double the clamping range compared to the 1-Ear Clamp. 2 ears provide a degree of elasticity to accommodate changes in size of the parts being joined, such as that which may be caused by thermal expansion or vibration.

Assembly techniques are similar to those for 1-Ear Clamps, but the force applied when closing the second ear may react against the opposing closed ear and make a second crimping operation necessary. For perfect sealing, the ears must be adequately closed during assembly.

  • Material: Zinc plated 1.0338/SAE 1008/1010 steel

Available Models and Sizing:

  • 1113 - 11 - 13 mm (1/2")
  • 1315 - 12.5 - 15 mm (9/16")