Mosa Magic Weld Diesel 230A YDE

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Mosa Magic Weld 230A YDE - YANMAR Diesel Engine


The Mosa Magic Weld 230A Diesel is the most compact, affordable mobile welding solution equipped with a fuel-sipping diesel engine. Get longer runtimes than gasoline engine drives, with the reliability and durability of a genuine Yanmar L100W6 diesel.


Product Specifications

Name // Part Number MOSA Magic Weld 230 YDE // 230DMW
Welding Processes
SMAW (Stick) DC
Maximum Amperage 200A
Rated Output 60% @ 190A (70V OCV)
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Type
Yanmar L100W6 Diesel
Fuel Capacity // Consumption 5.4L // 1.5 L/h (60% Duty)
Estimated Run Time  Approx. 3.6 Hours (60% Duty)
Electric Start Yes - Keyed Ignition (12V Battery Included)
Auxiliary Generator Output (50/60 Hz) 1x 120V
Weight 247 lb. 
Warranty MOSA (Components)
Yanmar (Engine)

Product Data SheetMosa Magic Weld 200 YDE User Manual | Yanmar L100W6 Manual