Speedglas Magnifying Lenses

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3M Speedglas Magnifying Lenses

Magnifying (cheater) lenses for 3M Speedglas 9100 Series, 9002nc & G5-01 welding helmets.

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  • 06-0500-56 - 1.5x
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  • 06-0500-58 - 2.5x
  • 06-0500-59 - 3.0x

*Please note that for the 9002nc the magnifying lens installs behind the front cover lens, we have found that some tape or foam is required to hold it in place.  Contact our team if you have questions regarding installation.  For installation on 9100 and G5-01 helmets there is a lens holder on the inside of the helmet for a quick and simple install.