Furick Replacement Stubby Gas Lens For 17/18/26 Torches

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Furick Replacement Stubby Gas Lens For 17/18/26 Torches


Furick stubby gas lens collet bodies are made in the USA and come with the o-ring groove cut in the threads so that you can run either a glass cup using the o’rings or you can remove the o’ring and use the threads with a ceramic style cup . These gas lenses fit all 17/18/26 torches and are the same lenses that are in the Furick #17, #18, #26 Torch Mount adapter kits.

These gas lenses are built with superior quality and stringent QC guidelines.  The gas lens that you use must be working correctly to utilize the potential of Furick cups. We have found that all gas lenses are not created equal and you will find poor performing gas lenses. It is good to swap out lenses if you start to see performance dropping from less than desirable gas coverage.

    Installation info:

    • Fits 17, 18, 26 and equivalent series torches.


    • 1/16" Tungsten Gas Lens - 11617GL
    • 3/32" Tungsten Gas Lens - 33217GL
    • 1/8" Tungsten Gas Lens - 12517GL

    Recommended Collets:

    What else?

    • Made in the USA.