Fronius TIG Torch Head, TTB 300P W, 70°

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Fronius TTB 300P Water Cooled TIG Torch Head


Replacement TIG Torch Head (Body) for water cooled Fronius Multilock torches. This torch head is designed to work with water cooled torch hose packs such as the THP 300 featured on the Magicwave 230i TIG welding systems.

Get an extra TIG Torch Head for your Fronius TIG Torch. A new TIG Torch head can either be used as a replacement or you can use it to have multiple Tungsten sizes set up for easy changeout!

  • Fits any water cooled Mutlilock torch body
  • Not compatible with air cooled Multilock torches
  • Does not include torch handle or hose pack: See THP300W

Available Sizes and Part Numbers

  • Part Number: 44,0350,4412 - Rigid Head, TTB 300P W ML/70°/L65
  • Part Number: 44,0350,5478 - Flex Head, TTB 300P F W ML /70°/L65