Drillco Screw Extractor Set with Drill Bits

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Drillco Screw Extractor Set with Drill Bits

As the name implies, screw extractors are a tool designed to remove a broken or seized screw. The screw must first be "drilled out" to the proper size in order for the screw extractor to fit properly. The screw extractor is turned counter-clockwise using a tap wrench.  This kit includes the most common five extractors and corresponding drill bits.  Drill bits are type 100SE black oxide high speed steel 118° RH.  

Kit Includes:

Size Screw Size Pipe Size
Drill Bit Size
#1 3/16" Na 5/64"
#2 1/4" Na 7/64"
#3 5/16" Na 5/32"
#4 7/16 - 9/16" Na 1/4"
#5 9/16" - 3/4" 1/8" 17/64"


Extractors up to #9 (1-3/4") are available as well as left hand drill bits.  Contact sales@canadaweldingsupply.ca for more info.