Canaweld MMA 201 Stick Welding Machine (TIG Capable)

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Canaweld MMA 201 Stick Welding Machine


The Canaweld MMA 201 Stick/TIG welder features the latest evolution in inverter technology.  This single phase, 200 AMP, DC power source features a high duty cycle so you won't be let down when the pressure is on.

The combination of size, light weight and user friendly controls make it a perfect fit for both the shop & field welding professional.

  • High power output: 150 A @%100 Duty Cycle & 200 A @%30 Duty Cycle
  • 230V single phase power input
  • Two available welding processes: STICK and TIG*
  • Ability to be used with input extension power cables up to 190 ft without any power loss at the welder.
  • Fan cooled and thermally protected against overheating.
  • Basic electrodes with “Hot Start” and “Arc Force” device
  • TIG welding with thermal controlled(TCS)“lift” type striking to minimizing tungsten inclusions and also capable of welding on sharp edges
  • Anti-electric shock system in output voltage circuit to protect welder against electric hazards.
  • Ability to work outdoors with an adequate power generator.
  • Made In Canada
  • 3 year Canaweld warranty
  • Item # PLB5180147
  • Package Includes: Machine Bag (TGJ2780145), 10 ft. Electrode Holder Set (ALP2280095), 10 ft.Ground Clamp Set (ALP0580126)

*TIG welding accessories sold separately

Canaweld MMA 201 Stick Welder - Specs

Package Includes:

  • Power Source - PLT0180277
  • Ground clamp and cable - ALP1980449
  • Electrode holder and cable - ALP2280095
  • Machine storage and carrying bag - TGJ2780145

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