Bernard™ 40B Shortstub™ Stick Electrode Holder

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Bernard™ 40B Shortstub™ Electrode Holder


The Bernard™ 40B Shortstub™ stick electrode holder is the industry standard for consistent performance when you demand it. 

  • Electrodes can be used to within one inch of the high heat, high impact head compared with the normal three inches of the electrode that is leftover when using a typical tong-type holder
  • Increased productivity because it is designed for quick, easy installation of electrodes
  • Built to last with a proven high impact, high heat replaceable head.
  • long life because the replaceable head can be ordered separately and installed quickly, eliminating total replacement
  • Over 2,000 pounds of gripping pressure enables the electrode to be bent to a desired shape for access to difficult welds
  • 400 Amp capacity at 60% duty cycle
  • 1/16th" to 1/4" electrode size
  • Cable connection is a 19/32" (1.5cm) "model b" large ball point screw

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