0-8" Palmgren L-Clamps

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0-8" Palmgren L-Clamps

Palmgren's L-Clamps save time, labor, and increase productivity making them a perfect value. Just slide the clamping arm to the work piece and tighten. When the job is complete, simply loosen the spindle and slide the clamping arm back. L-Clamps handle a wide variety or work sizes and shapes allowing you to clamp the work piece quicker while using fewer clamps on each job. A lifetime guarantee against breakage make these the perfect clamps for you

  • Innovative spring tempered and hardened steel frames optimizes high static stress loadings
  • Dropped forged sliding clamping arm for added strength and durability
  • Through hardened steel spindles provide greater loading capabilities and longer service life
  • Replaceable swivel pads
  • One clamp accommodates a wide variety of sizes and shapes of workpieces
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage


Standard Duty - Black-oxide plated spindles that resist wear while impeding rust

Model 29308
Capacity 0-8 in
Thoat Depth 3- 15/16 in
Spindle Diameter 5/8 in
Clamp Pressure 1000 lb
Weight 2 lb 

Heavy Duty
- Anti-spatter copper plated spindles that resist wear while impeding rust

Model 29408
Capacity 0-8 in
Thoat Depth 4- 3/4 in
Spindle Diameter 3/4 in
Clamp Pressure 2300 lb
Weight 4.5 lb