Palmgren 8" x 12" Direct Drive Horizontal Bandsaw

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Palmgren 8" x 12" Direct Drive Horizontal Bandsaw


This horizontal band saw is built to deliver fast, accurate cutting on all types of materials. Cast iron and rigid steel construction of the saw head and base provide full blade support and eliminate vibration and deflection. The combination of a direct drive train and hydraulic feed system delivers consistent accurate cuts while preserving blade life. A longer blade and larger blade wheels provide greater radius to reduce stress on the blade. A set of wheels makes this easy positioning band saw perfect for cutting needs.

  • 3 Jaw quick acting vise for fast miter cutting set ups. No wrenches are needed to adjust the angle of the cut. It can be easily set with the turn of a handle just seconds
  • Rugged direct drive gear box - no belts or set to change
  • Hydraulic feed control for cutting stock at variable rates and to lock the saw head at any height
  • Adjustable blade guides deliver accurate cuts
  • Chip blade brush
  • Coolant system with adjustable coolant flow
  • Wheels that roll easy for positioning where needed
  • Part Number: 9683308

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Model 83308
Volts 120V - 1Phase
Blade Size 0.75 x 0.032 x 93 in
Blade Speed 150/210/255 SFPM
51 x 43 x 19 "
Weight 300lb