Walter Instant Polish™ Flap Disc
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Walter Instant Polish™ Flap Disc

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Walter Instant Polish™ Flap Disc

High performance flap disc optimized for polishing and mirror finish applications

Get a professional shine efficiently and with the versatility of a flap disc. Strong removal rates and improved finishing capabilities ensure a consistent surface finish every time.

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        • Achieves a #8 mirror stainless steel finish
        • Polish without paste and felt products
        • One step finishing solution to reduce cost
        • 1 Disc per order

        For working with materials;

        • Aluminum
        • Stainless steel
        • Steel


        • 4-1/2 " - 5/8-11" Spin-On - 07-T 452 - 2000 - Optimal RPM
        • 5" - 5/8-11" Spin-On - 07-T 502 - 2000 - Optimal RPM

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