Walter E-WELD 4 Premium Anti-Spatter Solution

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Walter E-WELD 4™

Premium anti-spatter emulsion

E-WELD 4 is Walter's premium anti-spatter that guarantees porosity-free welds. E-WELD 4 is guaranteed to protect work pieces from spatter and ensure clean welds, eliminating the need for time-consuming, costly rework by preventing weld porosity and weld cracks from forming. E-WELD 4 also retracts in the presence of heat, leaving the welding area clean of liquid. This is the ultimate anti-spatter for saving time and improving the quality of your work!

  • Excellent corrosion resistance - ideal for ferrous alloys and corrosion sensitive parts
  • Works equally wet or after the product is dry
  • Excellent paint adhesion properties - no special cleaning required for post welding coating operations
  • Compatible with aluminum, steel and stainless steel
  • VOC free, Solvent free and silicone free
  • Formulation based on natural plant extracts - biodegradable, non-flammable, pleasant citrus scent
  • Helps prevent weld porosity and weld cracking
  • Safe for use on all metals


  • 400 ml Aerosol Can - 53-F 402
  • 500 ml Sprayer Bottle - 53-F 403
  • Case of 12 Sprayer Bottles - 500 ml Sprayer - 53-F 403 (12/Pack)
  • 3.78 L Bottle - 53-F 405
  • 20 L Container - 53-F 402