Victor 315FC+ / CA 2460+ Cutting Torch Combo

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Victor 315FC+ / CA 2460+ Cutting Torch


This Victor replacement cutting torch is ideal for saving money when you only need a new torch rather than an entire cutting outfit. This kit includes the WH315FC+ handle, the CA2460+ cutting attachment, and one cutting tip. This torch is generally found on Journeyman and Contender cutting outfits.

  • Built-in flashback arrestors - no need for accessory flash arrestors
  • Built-in reverse flow check valves - no need for accessory check valves
  • Works with all fuel gases (pressure restrictions for different gases)
  • Forged Brass Head
  • Spiral Mixer blends oxygen and fuel
  • Push type cutting valve
  • Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Brass coupling nut & double O-ring tapered seal gives quick gas-tight seal without a wrench
  • Part No. 0381-1937

Fits 300 Series Attachments & Type 1 Cutting Tips