Tweco Classic 5 - 500 AMP MIG Gun

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Tweco Classic No. 5 MIG Gun


500 AMP 60% Duty cycle MIG gun available with Tweco/Miller/Lincoln/Euro-Kwik Style rear connectors. Suitable for medium/heavy duty fabrication

  • Wide selection of front end consumables available to fit the needs of the application
  • Industry standard for 40+ years, oval shaped handle reduces grip required to manipulate MIG gun position
  • Balanced to pivot at the center of the handle for ease of use in different welding positions, and thereby reduces operator fatigue
  • Gun hanger located at the bottom for ease of resting gun when not in use
  • Heavy-duty design for industrial application environments using special plastic composition for high impact crush-resistant handle
  • Steel spring strain relief provides support to the Cablehoz® coming out the rear of the handle to minimize wire feed issues
  • Mechanical connection of conductor tube and cablehoz within the handle providing excellent current path to the end of the contact tip
  • Two (2) ball-point screws are used to secure the Cablehoz® and conductor tube in place
  • Trigger contains silver plated contacts with a self cleaning action every time the trigger is engaged & disengaged
  • Industry Standard
  • Metal jacket conductor tube
  • Enhanced direct plug capabilities

Tweco Classic No.5 Guns Datasheet


Tweco 4-Pin Connector:

  • 15 ft. - 1/16" Liner - 1050-1113
  • 25 ft. - 1/16" Liner - 1050-1115

Miller Connector:

  • 15 ft. - 1/16" Liner - 1050-1173

Lincoln Connector

  • 15 ft. - 3/32" Liner - 1050-1642

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