QF Innovations QFII Hybrid 120 System

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QF Innovations QFII Hybrid 120

All the traditional alignment and positioning tools in one

The QFII Hybrid is not only an alignment tool, but a complete pipe fitting solution. The system allows for simultaneous alignment and gap adjustment, as well as pipe size expandability

The QFII Hybrid Base Unit replaces all of the following tools:

  • 7 cage clamps - sizes 6" - 18"
  • 2 single chain clamps - up to 18" each
  • 1 single chain clamp - up to 36"
  • 1 double chain clamp - up to 18"
  • 2 sleeve clamps - up to 18"

 Faster, easier, and safer fit ups increases productivity and saves time and money.

  • Multiple uses from a single unit, (use each clamp assembly as an individual chain clamp)
  • Enhanced pipe fitting capabilities, align & position simultaneously
  • Combine QFII units and straps to form larger size tools. Different styles and sizes not required. No tools required.
  • Greatly enhanced modular ergonomics, light weight accompanied by user friendly portability
  • An innovative platform for continued product enhancement & development

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