Piher Maxi F Series Clamps (5" Throat)

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Piher Maxi F Series Metal Clamps

Piher is changing the game of material clamping with the innovative line of Maxi bar clamps.  The F series feature a 12 cm (5") throat and are rated at 9000n (2000 lb-force)

Model Number Item Number
8" MAXI F-20 (20 cm) 60020
12" MAXI F-30 (30 cm) 60030
16" MAXI F-40 (40 cm) 60040
20" MAXI F-50 (50 cm) 60050
24" MAXI F-60 (60 cm) 60060
32" MAXI F-80 (80 cm) 60080
40" MAXI F-100 (100 cm) 60100



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  • 12 cm (5") throat.
  • 35mm x 8mm rolled spring steel bar which gives maximum pressure held throughout the whole job.
  • Nodular cast iron jaws.
  • Covered double threaded screw which doubles both the pressure and the speed with a greasing hole for optimum lubrication and a new dismountable, interchangeable easy grip handle.
  • The surface of the fixed jaw is grooved to achieve maximum grip on angled pieces, tubes,etc.
  • The moving jaw is kept firmly in position thanks to the spring activated brake at the back.
  • Made in Spain

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