Optrel N95 P.AIR Particulate Respirator (40/Pack)

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Optrel N95 P.AIR Particulate Respirator

Protect yourself and your co-workers with the Optrel P.AIR N95 respirator. Our NIOSH-approved respirator is Swiss-made with the highest-quality materials for comfort and protection against solid and liquid aerosols, dust, mist and smoke.  Designed to comfortably fit under welding helmets.  


  • Around the head straps for easy donning and doffing
  • Manufactured with high-quality filter materials
  • Comfortable fit of the mask allows prolonged periods of use
  • Flat design for space-saving storage
  • Nose clip for optimal fit
  • NIOSH Approval #TC-84A-9237

N95 Mask Materials:

The Optrel P.AIR N95 mask is constructed of 5 layers to provide you with dynamic protection from airborne particulates and liquid contaminating the face. The layers are created from premium protective fabrics.

  1. Outer Layer - Spun-bonded fabric 40 g/m²
  2. Filter #1 - Melt-blown fabric 25 g/m²
  3. Filter #2 - Melt-blown fabric 25 g/m²
  4. Dust Filter - PP/Bico fiber 50 g/m²
  5. Inner Layer - Spun-bonded fabric 40 g/m²

The elastic band to secure the mask to your ears is made of spandex & polyester. Your comfortable nose clip is made of plastic.

User Instructions:

  • The mask is intended for single use and is not recommended to be reused.
  • Stop use of the mask when:
    • the N95 becomes damp through breathing
    • it tears, is punctured or becomes faulty in any other way (including an improper fit)
    • after the 1 recommended use
    • 40 Masks per pack