Metabo 3/8" Beveling Tool KFM 15-10F
metabo kfm 15-10f bottom
metabo kfm 15-10f front
metabo kfm 15-10f in use
metabo kfm 15-10f front

Metabo 3/8" Beveling Tool KFM 15-10F

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    Metabo 3/8" Beveling Tool KFM 15-10F

    • Metal Bevelling tool for chamfer heights up to 3/8" (10 mm) for weld seam preparation
    • One-touch controller: Patented, tool-free setting of the cutting depth in 0.1" steps; stop points for short setting times, and protection against unintentional adjustment of the cutting depth when working
    • Precise setting of chamfer angle directly using the guide plate
    • Universal carbide burr with three carbide inserts for all chamfer angles from 0-90°
    • Controlled work with large-surface guide plates
    • Stop roller to guide along pipes for easy weld seam preparation
    • Bail handle adjusts without tools for secure, even guiding
    • Metabo Long-life motor with patented dust protection for long service life
    • 13 Amp (1500 Watt)
    • Tacho-Constamatic (TC)-Full Wave Electronics: fast work progress by means of constant speed under load
    • Electronic overload protection, soft start and restart protection
    • Protection for users with metal sheet sides to deflect chips
    • 3 year manufacturer warranty


    • Lock-on side switch model# KFM 15-10F
    • Non-locking paddle switch model# KFMPB 15-10F