Lincoln Sprinter 180Si Stick Welder

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Lincoln Electric Sprinter 180Si


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The Sprinter™ 180Si stick welder gives you power in a small package. Weighing in under 20 lbs., it is lightweight and portable, and the 180 amp output enables you to weld electrodes up to 5/32 inches, including 7018 and 6010. This machine is more than just a stick welder. The Sprinter 180Si welder combines superior stick capabilities with high-frequency TIG, pulsed TIG mode, amptrol compatibility and dual input voltage (120V/230V). A simple display allows you to dial in the weld settings so you can get started quickly and easily on any job, anywhere – maintenance work, fabrication, light structural and everything in between. The Sprinter 180Si is a stick welder and so much more.

Value Added Features

  • High Frequency Start - Strike a precise arc every time while TIG welding
  • Pulsed TIG Mode - Provides heat management and enhanced control when making thin, precise welds
  • Two Stick Modes - Dedicated E6010 and E7108 weld modes allow for greater welding versatility and superior performance
  • Dual Input - Run the Sprinter 180Si welder off 120V or 230V depending on the job
      Product Name Sprinter 180Si
      Welding Processes Stick (SMAW), TIG (GTAW)
      Input Voltage 120V/208-230V 1Ph
      Welding Output Amps Stick: 20-85A, TIG: 10-110A (120V)
      Stick: 20-180A, TIG: 10-200 (230V)
      Output Current DC - CC, Pulse TIG
      Aluminum TIG
      Remote Control Connector ✔️ - Lincoln 8-Pin (K4361-1)
      Dimensions 11.8" x 6.25" x 16"
      Weight 20 lb.
      Warranty 3-Year Parts & Labour


      Available Options and Part Numbers

      • Sprinter 180Si Machine Package - K5453-1
      • Sprinter 180Si Package with Hard Case One-Pak - K5600-1

      Please see this link for the Sprinter 180Si TIG Packages

      Packages Include

      • Sprinter 180Si welding machine
      • Insulated Electrode Holder and Cable
      • Heavy Duty Work Clamp and Cable
      • 230V to 120V Power Cord Adapter
      • One-Pak Includes Additional Hard Case (K5549-1)

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