Lincoln KP2742-2-50R
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Lincoln Electric Magnum PRO 350A Slip-On Gas Nozzles

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Lincoln Electric Slip-On 350A Gas Nozzles

Magnum® PRO 350A Gas Nozzles provide premium expendable performance and keep the front of the welding gun cool after repeated use. Used with Magnum® PRO 350A Contact Tips and Diffusers to provide any configuration for your application!


  • Spatter Resistant - Nickel Plated to minimize spatter adhesion
  • Offered in various sizes and styles for any configuration
  • Compatible with KP2746-2 Gas Diffusers

Product Details

  • 1/2" Bore Opening
  • 1/8" Tip Recess
  • Lincoln Part Number: KP2742-2-50R
  • Sold individually