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Fronius TransSteel 4000 MIG package

Old machines not performing anymore? Looking for a replacement workhorse? The new TransSteel 4000 Split Pulse MIG is the most advanced pulse welder in its class! Its pulse welding programs will increase your speed and penetration all while reducing spatter and rework.

The Fronius Synchropulse welding technology provides a TIG-like "stacked dime" appearance. Once you've tried it, you'll never want anything else!


  • Aluminum or steel, Synchropulse gives you a TIG "Stacked dime" appearance in half the time with similar penetration and quality to TIG!
  • New four-roller motor and specialized liner means no spool gun!
  • Aluminum synergic lines allow for simple parameter input!

What's included with the Ready-to-Weld Package (49,0410,0048)?

  • 1x TransSteel 4000 Split Feeder Pulse Power Source - 4,075,228,800 
  • 1x Wire Feeder VR 5000 Remote 4R/G/FSC 4,049,050
  • 4x Feeder roll FSR U 1.2 mm - 44,0001,1407
  • 1x Basic Kit Universal Ø1.2/G/W/5m - 44,0350,1114 
  • 10x Contact tip 1,2/M8x1,5/ø10x32 - 42,0001,6467,10 
  • 1x 15' MIG Torch - MTG400i US-Style FSC/EH/15'45° - 4,036,422
  • 1x 13' Ground Cable - 43,0004,0163
  • 1x TU Car4 Pro Single Cylinder Welding Cart - 4,077,020 
  • 1x OPT/TU turning pintle mounting 4,100,613
  • 1x Connection hose pack G/1.2m/3.94ft/70mm2 - 4,047,287
  • 1x Gas Adapter - 42,0001,3540
  • 1x Gas Regulator - 42,0441,0005
  • 1x Mainstabilizer (Transformer) 3x600V/500V-460V - 4,001,706

*Input Power cable and plugs are not supplied with 3-Phase welding equipment

TransSteel 4000 and 5000 systems are assembled to order and typically ship within 2 weeks. Exempt from free shipping policy, please contact us for a freight quote.