Fronius MTG2100s 15 ft. (4.5m) MIG Torch

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Fronius MTG 2100s 15 ft. MIG torch 


Upgrade your TransSteel 2200c to a MIG gun with a 15 ft. whip. Having a second gun is a great option for those who switch back and forth between carbon steel and aluminum filler wire, eliminating the need to constantly switch out the inner liner.  

  • Part No. 4,035,992
  • Air cooled MIG gun
  • 15 ft. whip (4.5m)

MTG 2100s Torch is for the following Fronius welding machines:

  • TransSteel 2200c MIG package
  • TransSteel 2200c Multi-Process package

Please note! the gun does not come with a liner, contact tips or feed nipple.  We recommend purchasing a Fronius Basic Kit with your gun.