ESAB Shield-Bright 316L Stainless Steel Flux Core Wire

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ESAB Shield-Bright 316L

E316LT1-1/T1-4 Stainless Steel Gas Shielded Flux Core Wire

Shield-Bright 316L was developed for the welding of Type 316L stainless steel but can be used for other stainless steels including Types 316 and 304L. In a few cases, e.g. nitric acid service, Shield-Bright 316L should not be used to weld 304L. It contains molybdenum which resists pitting corrosion induced by sulphuric and sulphurous acids, chlorides and cellulose solutions. Used widely in the rayon, dye and paper making industries.

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  • Shielding Gas: M21, C1 (EN ISO 14175)
  • CWB AWS A5.22 E316LT1-1, E316LT1-4

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    Available Spool Sizes, Wire Diameter & Item Number:

    • 33 lb - 0.035" (0.9mm) - 35FA09982V
    • 33 lb - 0.045" (1.2mm) - 35FA12982V
    • 33 lb - 1/16" (1.6mm) - 35FA16982V