Edge Welding Cups Pyrex Shorty Cup Complete Kit

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EDGE Gas Lens 920 Shorty Series Complete Kit


By popular demand and multiple requests overt the last few years for custom shorter versions of the EDGE cups, Edge made the EDGE 10, 12, 15 and 18 in a shorter version available to everyone. 

Complete Shorty Kit Includes

  • 1x GL920-A - Edge Cups Adapter
  • 2x GL920-OR - O-Rings
  • 2x GL920-TS - Thermal Spacers
  • 1x each cup: #10, #12SS, #12S, #15S, #18S
  • 1x diffuser disc installed in each cup (GL920-4-12D)

This kit will allow you to mount the full GL920 series cups to any 9, 20, 17, 18, 26 series torch. Thermal spacers are not used when mounting to 17,18,26 series torches. 

Select tungsten diameter to receive the appropriate sized diffusers:

  • 1/16" Tungsten - GL920-PSV5-D116
  • 3/32" Tungsten - GL920-PSV5-D332
  • 1/8" Tungsten - GL920-PSV5-D418