CK Worldwide Linear Remote Amperage Control

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CK Worldwide Linear Remote TIG Welder Amperage Control

Remote amperage controls provide welding power source contactor on-off, activate gas and/or water solenoids and provide full range current output control.  Velcro® strap allows amperage control to quickly mount on any TIG torch or Stick electrode holder

  • Linear style amperage control
  • Available for most popular TIG power sources

Available Plug Types (Pin Count)

  • Miller Electric 1K Ohm - 14, 6 & 5 Pin
  • Lincoln Electric 10K Ohm - 14, 6 & 5 Pin
  • Tweco 5K Ohm - 14 & 8 Pin
  • CK MT200 10K Ohm - 5 Pin

*Please allow two week lead time on this item.