CK Worldwide FL150 Flex-Loc TIG Torches

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CK Worldwide FL150 Flex-Loc TIG Torches


CK Worldwide FL150 Flex-Loc™ series torches offer a solution for those who find that traditional flex head torches just don't cut it.  CK Worldwide Flex-Loc™  torch heads can rotate 360° allowing the user to reach almost any hard to get spot yet still be rigid enough to allow for walking of the cup.  

  • Torch packages include: Body assembly, replaceable torch head (with heat shield and back cap) and cable assembly
  • Gas cooled 150 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100% (w/FL3L head)
  • Flexible head torch - 8 1/2" length (19.6cm) 7 oz weight (198 g) 
  • Superflex cable available - Silicone hose with a nylon overbraid making it lighter and more flexible than traditional TIG cable
  • Interchangeable heads allow for different configurations and head sizes
  • Available in standard configuration for TIG welding machines with internal gas valve or with manual gas flow valve


  • 12' or 25' cable
  • Standard cable or Superflex cable
  • Standard or Valved 
  • Two piece cables available upon request 

Ck Worldwide FL130, FL150 Cables

Part numbers:

  • FL1512 - 12' Standard Cables
  • FL1525 - 25' Standard Cables
  • FL1512SF - 12' Superflex Cables
  • FL1525SF - 25' Superflex Cables
  • FL1512V - 12' Standard Cables - With Valve
  • FL1525V - 25' Standard Cables - With Valve
  • FL1512VSF - 12' Superflex Cables - With Valve
  • FL1525VSF - 25' Superflex Cables - With Valve

FL150 Flex-Loc Consumables

Replacement Heads