CK Worldwide TIG Wire Feeder WF-5

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CK Worldwide Cold TIG Wire Feeder WF-5

 The WF-5 automatic TIG wire feeder is designed to deliver filler material directly to the weld puddle at a continues or pulsed rate therefore greatly increasing productivity, weld quality and consistency.   


  • Automates adding filler metal in TIG Welding.
  • All weld parameters can be duplicated.
  • Dual Groove Drive Roll system accepts multiple wire sizes.
  • Eliminates TIG rod stub loss.
  • Cabinet keeps filler wire clean.
  • Makes fully automatic machine TIG welding possible.
  • Results are consistent and of high quality

Welding Aluminum with WF-5 TIG wire feeder


  • .030" wire  - WF5-030
  • .035" wire - WF5-035
  • .045" wire - WF5-045
  • 1/16" wire - WF5-116

 *TIG wire feed units come with wire feed rollers pre - installed.  Select desired wire size from options menu.

 User Manual 

 Must purchase a hand held wire feed pendant or TIG torch with wire feed bracket and control switch (sold separately).  Link to CK Worldwide cold wire feed torches.

 *Please allow two week lead time on this item