Canaweld MIG-Stick 201, 200 Amp MIG Welder

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Canaweld MIG-Stick 201


The Canaweld MIG/Stick (MMA) 201 is a multi function 200 amp welding machine for MIG, flux core and stick welding.  The power source features curves for solid wire Ø 0.023"/0.030"0.035"/0.040" and Ø 0.035"/0.045" flux cored wire.  The MIG 201 allows welding of mild and stainless steel, and with a change of wire feed rolls you can also weld aluminum.  A spool gun option is also available for welding with 1 lb spools.  This machine is Made in Canada 

  • Compact design (Built-in wire feeder)
  • DC power source
  • Ability to adjust the welding current and voltage continuously
  • 2 stroke /  4 stroke
  • Stability of welding parameters even at input voltage fluctuations
  • High duty cycle
  • Built for commercial/industrial, farm, and hobby use
  • Constant voltage characteristic and stable arc
  • Ability of welding of non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Flux core wire welding with or without shielding gas
  • Easy polarity reversing for flux core welding
  • Excellent welding of thin metals
  • Excellent arc striking and made possible with soft start technology
  • Compact and light due to the use of advanced inverter technology
  • Strong metallic plate ensures reliability during feeding of wire
  • Heavy duty wire feed motor
  • Control of wire speed by feedback and brake
  • Manual wire feed button for easy wire loading
  • Heavy duty NEMA 6-50 Plug
  • 4 year Canaweld warranty on power source
  • 1 year warranty on torch

Standard Package comes complete with: 

  • Machine - PLT0380279
  • Work/Ground Clamp Set - ALP1980126
  • Electrode Holder Set - ALP2280095
  • MIG Torch - CM-T200E  (TGD0180150)
  • Gas Flow Regulator - TLJ1080187
  • Gas Hose - TLJ1080188
  • *Please note - Machine Bag - TGJ2780145 is not included*
Process Stick Electrode MIG/Flux Cored (with/without Gas)
Input Voltage 50/60 Hz (V) Single Phase 230V (+10/ -15 %)
Primary Current @Max Welding Current 38A 34A
Maximum Primary Effective Current (Maximum I 1 eff) 29A 27A
Welding Current Range 10-200A 40-200A
Duty Cycle @ Maximum Welding Current (40°C /140°F) 35% (200A) 35% (200A)
Welding Current @100% Duty Cycle (40°C /140°F) 160A @100% 170A @100%
Welding Current @60% Duty Cycle (40°C /140°F) 180A @60% 190A @60%
Open Circuit Voltage 52V
Output Voltage Range 20.4-28V 16-24V
Wire Feed Speed ipm (m/min) 16 (630)
Solid Wire Size Range inch (mm) .030 – .045 in (0.8 – 1 mm)
Cored Wire Size Range inch (mm) .030 – .045 in (0.8 – 1 mm)
Material of Wire Feeder Plate Metal
Wire Spool Weight lb (kg) 11 (5 kg) / 33 (15 kg) as option
Dimensions (H x W x D) (Inch/mm) (16.3 in x 5.9 in x 10.0 in) / 505 mm x 235 mm x 310 mm
Weight (lb/kg) 32 lb (14.5 kg)

Canaweld keeps the right to change the specifications of the products without notice.