E4043 Aluminum Stick Electrodes

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Blue Demon E4043 Aluminum Covered Electrodes 


E4043 is a general purpose aluminum electrode for arc welding aluminum alloys.  The arc is stable and operates at low temperatures with a minimum of spatter and fuming.  The welds are strong, dense, and free of porosity on both production and maintenance applications.  E4043 is a great choice when welding heat-treated aluminum parts.  This welding rod may also be used in brazing applications.

Typical Applications:  arc welding aluminums alloyed with copper, silicon and manganese, excellent for joining dissimilar grades of aluminum

  • Sold in 1 lb & 5lb plastic tube, electrode length is 16"

Available Sizes:

  • 3/32" - E4043-332-01, E4043-332-05
  • 1/8" - E4043-125-01, E4043-125-05
  • 5/32"- E4043-532-01, E4043-532-05

Blue Demon E4043 Specs