Blue Demon Arc Chill Beanie
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Blue Demon Arc Chill Beanie

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Blue Demon Arc Chill Beanie

Blue Demon Arc-Chill Beanies were designed by welders for welders. 100% washable and reusable and capable of being stored moist or dry. No refrigeration needed ever, lined with PVA cooling material. Material is 8°C-10°C cooler than the air.  Extremely thin and lightweight for fitting under welding helmets.  Keeps you cool when work gets you hot!

How to use:

  1. Saturate or soak with water (any temperature) and squeeze hot excess.
  2. Shake or wave to activate.
  3. If beanie dries out, repeat process.  


    • Medium - BDAC-BEANIE-M - Fits Hat Size 7 - 8 (22" - 25") (55.9cm - 63.5cm)
    • Large - BDAC-CEANIE-L - Fits Hat size 8+ 25" - 28" (63.5 - 71cm)