Alloy 3000 Dissimilar Metals Maintenance Electrode

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Blue Demon Alloy 3000 Dissimilar Metals Maintenance Electrode

Alloy 3000 is the perfect choice when joining dissimilar metals. This alloy can be used for the repair and joining of all ferrous steels including high-alloy, stainless and tool steels.  It can be used in all positions to produce smooth, porosity free welds without undercut or splatter. Special ferrite balanced chemistry also serves as a ‘STUD PULLING’ electrode.

Typical Applications

  • Dissimilar metal welding.
  • Repair of tools, dies, springs, carbon steels and pressure vessels.
  • Rebuilding shafts and blades used in the chemical, construction and mining industries.
  • Sold in 5 lb plastic tube, electrode length is 14"

Available Sizes:

  • 3/32"- BD-3000-332-05
  • 1/8" - BD-3000-125-05

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