Bernard "T Series" Centerfire™ Contact Tips - 10/Pack

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Bernard "T Series" Centerfire™ Contact Tips


Package of 10 Genuine Bernard™ Centerfire™ "T" series contact tips for use with  solid or flux-cored welding wire.  Innovative design for precise performance that provides better gas coverage, longer tip life and better arc starts.


  • No tools required to replace tip or nozzle.
  • "Drop-In" tip with no threads means quick change after burnback, reducing down time.
  • Large diameter tip base and tapered seat provides better electrical conductivity and heat transfer.
  • Spatter shield within nozzle protects diffuser and gives smoother, less turbulent gas flow.
  • Solid, concentric relationship between tip and nozzle keeps tip centered even after hard use... and abuse.
  • Threaded nozzle holds tip fixed at 1/4" or 1/8" recess, flush, or 1/8" stick out.
  • Compatible with all standard air-cooled Bernard Q guns.
  • Complete family of tips and nozzles is available to meet most of your welding needs.
  • All components manufactured with pride in the USA.
  • Sold in a package of 10 tips per order

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  • 0.023" - T023
  • 0.030" - T030
  • 0.035" - T035
  • 0.045" - T045
  • 0.052" - T052
  • 1/16" - T062
  • 5/64" - T078
  • 3/32" - T094
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