55FC-O Hardfacing Flux Cored MIG Welding Wire

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Blue Demon 55FC-O Hardfacing Flux Cored MIG Welding Wire

55FC-O is a self-shielded, flux-core wire that deposits a premium martensitic alloy steel of H-12 tool steel composition. It has excellent resistance to adhesive (metal-to metal) wear. It also has good resistance to abrasion and impact, and maintains its hardness up to 1000°F. It is designed for use as an overlay on carbon and low alloy
steels. Because of its high hardenability, proper preheat may be required for crack-free deposits, particularly on low alloy steels. 55FC-O is formulated to optimize performance on small 110/220V type wire welding machines.

Typical Applications:

  • Earth moving equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Dredge parts

Operating Range in Amps (DCEN – DCEP)

  • .035″:  80 – 120
  • .045″: 120 – 150
  • 0.035, 0.045." - Diameters
  • 1 lb or 10 lb Spool

Typical Mechanical Properties (As Welded on 1020 steel)

  • Hardness on 1 layer, Rc 47
  • Hardness on 2 layers, Rc 49
  • Hardness on 3 layers, Rc 53


Welding Positions

  • F,V,OH,H