10/4 SOOW 10 Gauge Power Cable Cord (Order by the foot)

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10 Gauge 4 Conductor Input Power Cord

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SOOW Cord is designed for hard usage with welding equipment, portable tools, industrial and processing equipment, construction equipment, cranes and hoists, track systems, battery chargers, portable appliances, small motors and associated machinery, and electrical equipment that is exposed to oils, solvents, flame, or moisture. SOOW Cable is resistant to water, abrasion, oils, solvents, weather, sunlight, and ozone. It offers excellent flexibility for both indoor and outdoor use and features good tensile strength, elongation, and aging characteristics.

  • Kalas Cable, made in the USA
  • 10/4 SOOW
  • 10 Gauge, 4 Conductor
  • 600 Volt rated
  • Bare stranded copper conductor insulated with EDPM and jacketed with EDPM conforming to UL and CSA.
  • Operating Temperatures: Range from -40°C to + 90°C (-40°F to + 194°F)
  • UL/CSA approved
  • UL 62 Flexible Cord
  • CSA Standard 22.2 No. 49
  • MSHA Approved
  • RoHS Compliant
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