Lincoln Electric RANGER® AIR 260MPX Multi-Function Engine Drive

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Lincoln Electric RANGER® AIR 260MPX Multi-Function Engine Drive

Versatility With Unparalleled Performance

The Ranger Air 260MPX multi-function engine drive was designed for the operator who faces the unexpected every day. A perfect fit for fleet and service trucks, the Ranger 260 MPX AIR builds on the compact and versatile Ranger MPX platform.

Air CompressorThe Vanair® rotary screw air compressor delivers instant 40CFM @150 PSI, generating up to 30% more air power compared to other machines in its class. Operators can power large tools – up to a 1-inch impact wrench, and inflate
tires faster to complete jobs in less time.

Generator - 9KW of clean continuous AC generator power accommodates a variety of tools and equipment, allows you to power tools while welding and with less than
5% total harmonic distortion (THD) you can operate sensitive electronics, like laptops.

Battery Jump Assist and Battery ChargingCapability to jump and charge 12V and 24V batteries on the jobsite. Get equipment started and keep productivity high with 260A for cold cranking assist.

Multi-Process Welding - Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored and direct connect spool gun
with a 260A/26V/100% duty cycle so the operator can tackle a variety of applications

    Ranger AIR 260MPX Technical Specifications

    Product Name // Part number RANGER® AIR 260MPX // K5238-1
    Duty Cycle:
    260 Amps, 26 Volts @ 100%
    Welding Output:
    260 Amp DC, MulitProcess, Chopper Technology
    Generator Output:
    11,500W Peak, 9,000W Continuous
    60Hz AC Power
    Single Phase
    Full-KVA Receptacle:
    39.5A @ 240V, 40A @ 120V ea. Branch Circuit
    120V Receptacles:
    Four 120V Receptacles, 20A Total
    Kohler Engine:
    OHV Command
    ECH749 Gasoline
    26.5 HP @ 3600 RPM, 45 cu in (725 cc)
    Electric Start, 12V Battery, 410 CCA, Rotary Start Switch
    Fuel: 11 Gals (41.6 liters) Oil: 0.5 Qts (1.8 liters)
    Weight 565 lb. (256 kg)

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