Canaweld MIG-Stick 202 Welding Machine

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Canaweld MIG-Stick 202 Welding Machine

The MIG-STICK 202 is a powerful and versatile MIG-Stick welding machine. This unit can weld up to 1/2-inch thick steel in either MIG mode or SMAW setting.  Capable of running 0.023 – 0.045-inch MIG wire or up to 3/16-inch SMAW rods with a very stable arc.


    • High power output, 170A @ 100% Duty Cycle & 200A @ 35% Duty Cycle.
    • Tested in(104°F /40°C), designed for the toughest conditions.
    • Inverter power source with optimal welding characteristics in MIG and Stick.
    • Automatic compensation for main power fluctuations within ± 20%.
    • Ability to use up to 165 feet(50 meters)leads without any power loss at the weld.
    • High grade metal dual drive roll system for precise and constant wire feed that prevents bird nesting.
    • Welds up to 1/2” steel and 3/8” aluminum.
    • Graduated knob to achieve the most accurate settings.
    • Automatically controls wire speed by voltage feedback to give and extremely stable arc with minimal spatter.
    • Fan cooled and thermally protected against overheating.
    • Built-in polarity changeover feature for most common gas and gasless wires.
    • Spool gun ready.
    • Metal face panel.
    • Heavy duty NEMA 6-50 Plug
    • Spool gun compatible.
    • Fits both 8 and 12-inch wire spool sizes.
    • Part No. PLC7580150
    • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty.

    *Please note: Canaweld machines are shipped direct from Canaweld's manufacturing plant in Concord, Ontario. Orders typically ship next business day and is not available for pick-up.

    Canaweld MIG-Stick 202 Welding Machine Specs

    What's in the box?

    • MIG Torch, Tweco® style 200 Amp, Euro termination, 12 Ft.
    • MIG TORCH Tweco® Style 200A Consumable Starter Set
    • Electrode holder Set , 250 A, 10ft , AWG 4 (21.2 mm), Cable Plug 35-70
    • Ground Clamp Set , 250 A, 10ft, AWG 4 (20 mm) , Cable Plug 35-70
    • Regulator, UL-Approved LV150 Series, Single Stage For CO2/Arg, Mix
    • 1/4" Argon Inert Hose (10 ft)
    • 0.030" - 0.035" drive rolls, V-groove & Knurled for hard wire and flux-core