Reusable Stick Electrode Canister Lids

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Reusable Stick Electrode Container Lids

From JM Welding Products


Made from high density silicone and is designed to seal over the original welding electrode container to keep electrodes airtight, thereby preventing deterioration from exposure to atmospheric moisture.

Welding electrodes exposed to moisture will lead to cracking or porosity and can cause operational defects as well, like cracking and stick electrode arc performance deterioration.

In the event a container is not upright, The Electrode Container Lid is also designed to prevent electrodes from spilling out of their original container. With a form fitted ridge that locks tightly around the edge, or lip of the original container, it's more than capable of holding in all 50 pounds of electrodes should a freshly opened container be knocked over.

These Container Lids were designed to fit 50lb. containers of welding electrodes. Each lid fits the container with respect to the alloy type contained within. Lincoln Electric and ESAB brand containers are approved for correct fitting.

6010 Lid fits:

  • All 50lb. 6010 Lincoln containers

7018 Lid fits:

  • All 50lb. 7018 Lincoln containers
  • All 50lb. 6010 and 7018 Radnor containers
  • All 50lb. 7018 ESAB containers
  • All 50lb. 7018 Hobart containers