Fronius Ignis 180 XT TIG/Stick Welding Machine

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Fronius Ignis 180 XT TIG/Stick Welding Machine

Ignis TIG—The flexible Fronius Stick and TIG welding system

With the Ignis 180, a stable arc is a reality, even with long grid leads or voltage fluctuations. This robust welding system always provides perfect results, even with unstable grids, generator-powered operation, or over a wide operating radius. It makes the Ignis the perfect companion on construction sites, for repair and maintenance work in industry and agriculture, and in any private workshop

Key Specifications

Fronius Ignis 180 Specs Fronius Ignis 180 XT
Mobile and robust
At only 19.5 lb (8.8 kg) Ignis 180 is truly lightweight and suitable for mobile use. The robust construction of the devices as well as the integrated stainless steel filter provide reliable protection even in demanding outdoor welding tasks or volatile weather conditions.
Full power even with long grid leads
Perfect welding results even with grid leads up to 100 meters long are a matter of course with the Ignis 180. This is made possible by the integrated PFC technology (Power Factor Correction), among other features. As a result, the devices are particularly energy-efficient and disruptive interference with the grid is minimized.

Easy and user-friendly operation
The intuitive operating concept and 7-segment display make it possible to quickly read the parameters that have been configured and simplify handling. Set slightly back, the user interface is also well protected against damage and external influences.

Packed with Innovative Features

Stick (SMAW) Pulse

Better-looking welds and even faster welding thanks to the MMA Pulse function—especially in out-of-position welding.

This function acts like a flashlight. Igniting the arc with only eight amperes makes it easier to find the exact starting position when re-igniting after the end of welding or an electrode change. In this way, you can avoid welding errors such as insufficiently filled end-craters or notch effects as well as time-consuming rework. The TrackingArc function is specifically designed for applications that do not use an automatic welding helmet or shield.
Breaker Specific Settings

Configure your Ignis 180 XT to the available breaker size, meaning the machine will only use available power, and won't trip breakers!

Prevents electrode burn-out. If the electrode sticks during manual arc welding—equivalent to a short circuit—the power output of the welding machine switches off immediately.

What's in the box?

  • IGNIS 180 XT/B TIG (49,0410,0102)
  • 120 V 15 A power cable (43,0004,5666)
  • 120 V 20 A power cable (43,0004,5668)
  • 230 V 16 A power cable (4,075,0004,5801)
  • Power cable - no plug (43,0004,5665)
  • Electrode holder (43,0004,0478)
  • Ground cable (43,0004,0479)
  • Does not include 230V, 50A (6-50P) Plug, please see here for plug

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