Steelmax S7 XP 7-1/4″ Metal Cutting Circular Saw with Laser Guide

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Steelmax 7-1/4″ Metal Cutting Circular Saw

Pick up a Steelmax steel cutting saw in the morning, and it will pay for itself by the end of the day!

This saw is a money maker, delivering quick results in cutting metal fast, with cool, burr-free finishes. The S7 XP’s powerful 13 amp motor with overload protection provides a portable, powerful, and practical metal cutting saw.

The S7 XP cuts mild steel to 1/4″ thickness and to a depth of 2-1/2″, cleanly cutting channel, angle, pipe and solid materials. Plastics and metals including mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel are cut as easily as plywood. A laser alignment guide speeds set-up time for straight, accurate and long cuts which are cool-to-the-touch in seconds.

It takes less than 6 seconds to cleanly cut a 4” wide bar of 1/4″ mild steel. The finished cut requires no further milling or deburring with near-surgical dry-cut technology.


  • Laser blade guide
  • Unique cover encloses and collects chips and sparks
  • Includes a 7-1/4″ TCT blade for cutting mild steel
  • Includes a carrying case, protective glasses and hearing protection
  • Overload protection
  • CSA, UL certified
  • Part No. SM-S7 XP
  • Includes a 7.25″ TCT blade for cutting mild steel