Pferd Bench Grinding Wheels - Aluminum Oxide

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Pferd Bench Grinding Wheels - Aluminum Oxide


Pferd aluminum oxide bench grinding wheels are suited for high-speed steel (HSS), steel, cast steel and cast iron. 


  • De-burring of semi-finished steel and cast products. 
  • Regrinding and sharpening of HSS tools like drill bits and turning tools.  


  • High performance on a multitude of materials
  • Made in Germany

Recommendations for use:

  • All bench wheels are packed with telescoping bushings to accommodate popular machine spindle sizes.
  • If a bench grinding wheel starts to show signs of loading, use dressing stones.
  • Suitable tool drives are bench and pedestal grinders.


      • Vitrified bond Aluminum Oxide Abrasive
      • 10" x 1-1/2", 12" x 2", 14" x 2" wheels available upon request

      Max Rotational Speed:

      • 6" wheels - 4600 rpm
      • 7" & 8" Wheels - 3600 rpm
      • 10" Wheels - 2485 rpm

      Safety Recommendations: The maximum speed is calculated in accordance with ANSI B7.1. Never exceed the maximum RPM listed on wheel labels.

      CAUTION: Smaller spindles frequently run at higher RPMs. Prior to mounting, all wheels shall be visually inspected for damage and cracks. Perform the ring test before mounting. An undamaged wheel will give a clear tone.