No Throw Encapsulated Wire Wheel

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Felton Brush No Throw Encapsulated Wire Wheel

Felton’s new revolutionary encapsulated wire wheel brush is the tool of choice for all applications where increased safety is required. This crimped wire brush is offered in 5” and 6” diameters, that are perfectly compatible with all grinders commonly found in the field.

The patented encapsulation technology (No Throw) was designed for the pipeline industry and allows for a completely solid brush that is ideal for cleaning pipe welds.  This brush has proven to be useful in all applications where weld cleaning and additional safety is required. The plastic injection mold locks each steel wire sternly in place, which allows for greater balance and aggression when spinning at higher RPMs. Unlike common polyurethane encapsulation, this material does not gum up on hot welds or leave any residue behind. The plastic material also extends the brush lifetime indefinitely, making it one of the most innovative brushes in North America.

  • 7/8" Arbor
  • 0.020" Carbon Steel Wire
  • Strand Count 900
  • RPM 9000

Diameter Options:

  • 5" - NT5
  • 6" - NT6