Lincoln Electric Flextec 350X Standard / LF-72 Ready-Pak

Lincoln Flextec® 350X PowerConnect® / LF-72 One-Pak®

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Lincoln Electric Flextec® 350X PowerConnect® / LF-72 One-Pak®

If your shop is limited to 230V input power, then the Flextec 350X PowerConnect / LF-72 One-Pak satisfies the need. PowerConnect gives the versatility to connect to any input voltage from 200-600V, single or three phase. When combined with the simple and economic LF-72 wire feeder, you are ready to take on most medium duty fabrication applications.

The One-Pak includes all the equipment you need to get started including Lincoln Electric's most durable and ergonomic HDE weld gun. All this in one, easy to order, part number.


  • Simple, manufacturing/fab shop system
  • PowerConnect allows for Automatic connecting to any incoming voltage 200-575VAC, single or three-phase, 50 or 60Hz
  • Straightforward, rugged 2-roll wire feeder
  • Magnum PRO Curve gun combines industrial grade construction with comfortable, ergonomic Curve handle
  • All components shipped together on a pallet

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    • Compatible with across-the-arc, analog, digital or CrossLinc™ feeders
    • Premium multi-process arc characteristics works with all DC wire, stick and TIG processes
    • Lightweight and portable

     Product Highlights

    • Desert Duty Rated™ for extreme temperatures up to 55°C
    • VRD® Voltage Reduction Device reduces Open Circuit Voltage for added safety
    • Offered in 4 and 6 pack rack configurations
    • Wide 5-425 amperage range
    • Capable of Arc Gouging with 3/16 in. (4.8 mm) carbons
    Input Power 200-600V 1Phase/3Phase
      Rated Output 350A/34V/60%
        Output Range 5-425A
          Solid Wire Size Range .023-1/16 in. (.6-1.6 mm.)
            Cored Wire Size Range .030-5/64 in. (.8-2 mm.)
              Wire Feed Speed Range 50-800 ipm
                DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 17 x 13 x 24 in.
                NET WEIGHT 84 lb


                What's Included?

                • 8.5 ft. (2.6m) input power cord
                • Weld Cable Package - Work & Power Lead 2/0
                • Tweco® Male & GC500 / Tweco® Male & Lug - 10 ft (3 m) | K1803-2
                • LF-72 Wire Feeder, Bench Model, Heavy Duty (No Gun) | K2327-7
                • Magnum® PRO Curve™ HDE™ 250 Welding Guns | K4531-2-10-45
                • Flextec® 350X PowerConnect® (Tweco) | K4273-1
                • Model 355-2Ar-58010 Flowmeter Regulator Shielding Gas Kit | 3100211

                Please allow two week lead time on this item.  Freight charges extra, contact us at support@canadaweldingsupply.ca for a freight quote.