Lincoln Electric ASG Power Wave STT Module
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Lincoln Electric K2902-1 Power Wave STT Module - Demo Model

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Lincoln Electric K2902-1 Power Wave STT Module

 Demo model for sale

Power Wave® STT® Module

Add STT® (Surface Tension Transfer®) process capability to any compatible Power Wave® S-Series power source to gain outstanding puddle control for critical sheet metal or pipe root pass welding. The compact STT® module seamlessly integrates with the power source using the high speed Lincoln Electric ArcLink® digital communications protocol.


  • Exceptional Arc Control - Outstanding burnthrough control on thin metal or critical pipe welding.
  • Ultimarc™ - In synergic STT® modes, it dynamically and simultaneously controls all heat input parameters together, including peak, background and tailout currents. The result is easy procedural setting for the operator.
  • Modular Design - The module allows easy connection and fast digital communication with compatible S-Series Power Wave® power sources, Power Feed™ wire feeders, and compatible water coolers. Add STT® capability without having to purchase a second power source.
  • Compact Footprint - The module is designed to securely connect directly below Lincoln S-Series Power Wave® models, without taking valuable floor space.
  • Self-Protecting Circuits - The module will protect itself from the excessive transient voltages associated with highly inductive weld circuits.

Input Power

  • 40V DC


Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored 

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